Transforming america

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6-6-08 Scamforming America in BrentwoodI emailed Andy @ Thats messed up about this company today. I had an interview with these people yesterday and I knew it was a crock of *** when I hit the door. The guy in the waiting room had high expectations. He was really happy about them showing him how to build his resume. He said he hoped it worked out because it was going to be alot of money. Maybe he had more money than sence. If I had 4-5 grand I wouldn't be looking for another job. These people need to be shitbagged.

Transforming America Brentwood TN

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Transforming America located in Brentwood Tennessee is the cousin of Bernard Haldane and Associates.

Ed Wozniak is TA's owner but he has former Haldane employees working for him. They use the same sleazy *** to scam people out of their money during an employment crisis.

These predators keep changing their business name but continue to do the same scam. Stay as far away from "employment agencies" who want your money up front. They won't deliver and they won't refund.

Shame on you Ed Wozniak, Rick Hirsch, Kirk and Rich Leipzig! I hope the God that you pretend to worship is watching.

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Transforming America aka JL Kirk and Associates has changed it's name to NASHVILLE CAREER PARTNERS. They are the same company that was exposed by channel 5 for their ***. The BBB has revoked their charter.

Stay far away from these crooks

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